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any ideals welcome!

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this is what we are going to make our coop out of, i was figuring out how i wanted it done and thought i would love for some suggestions. 

im debating on having the lot come out the front or side. it is an old rabbit cage that we are reusing for our 16 chickens! 

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Ideally (:P) you need at least four square foot per chicken. I can't tell what size that is but with 16 chickens you would need at least 8'x8' of open space. Not including nest boxes, feeders, waterers etc.

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What are your plans for the birds? Are you talking full size or bantams. Will they free range or have a run. Is the coop just for sleeping? Where are you located? Need more information before tips/ideas can be given. 

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the birds will be 3 leghorns, 3 red production, and then 10 red rangers. I am planning on having them free range during the day and then bring them in the coop at night, i hope they will lay their eggs in there during the morning. Im a noob at all of this if you cant tell!:P  i plan on building off either the front or side, not sure which yet and am going to demolish some here and there. we live in Virginia and after this cold snap this weekend i hope it will remain nice weather.

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What is the size of that. Just because you want them to free range they will still need a place to stay in cold weather, rain, etc.  It looks way to small for that number of chicks but the pictures can be deceiving.

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