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For Sale: Gamefowl cockerel

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For Sale:
Gamefowl cockerel

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Young Pakistani Asil (7/8) x Pumkpin Hulsey (1/8) cross cockerel.
$30.00 if you arrange local pickup, sorry no farm visits, or $100.00 shipped to your location.

I need to downsize some birds to make way for hatching season. When grown this line can throw whites, creams, golds and pumpkins. My fowl are extremly people friendly and these birds have been a joy to work with. For legal purposes only.

Please pm me if interested.
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Pakistani Asil (3/4) x Pumpkin Hulsey (1/4) cross.
$50.00 local pickup or $120.00 shipped to your location.
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