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HELP!!! Chick with eye problem!!

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I bought 6 chicks from Tractor Supply about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and noticed after I got them home that one baby chick was born without an eye. Where her eye should be was just a scar or big scabbed over place and it looked fine so I didn't worry about to too much. Well, now her eye seems to be leaking but not infected and one of the other chicks had began to Peck at her eye. She also has started to get her feather in and it seems hard for her to clean herself because of her eye. It seems that it causes her some pain when she rubs her head against her back. I'm not sure what I can do to help her?? I have her in a little chick hospital as of right now and separate from the others. Is there an eye ointment that I can apply? Or triple antibiotic ointment? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Oh P.S. first time chicken owner!!
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Welcome to BYC. Chicks will peck at things, and eyes are a favorite target. Most feed stores carry Terramycin eye ointment or Vetericyn eye gel if you ask for them. I have used plain topical neosporin, but I would get the others if possible. You can also do some warm wet soaks to the eye with a washcloth rung out well, to soak off any dried drainage. Saline is good for flushing out the eye before the ointment is applied.

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Thank you for your reply! I have separated her and applied Neosporin until I can get to the store to buy Terramycin. Would you recomend keeping her separated until it dries out of just for a few days? She isn't too happy about being alone. sad.png I did place a mirror in with her for company.
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I would place her back in with the other chicks, but watch to make sure they aren't pecking her eye. It looks like there is a lid deformity. Can she blink her eye? If not it may dry out a lot without lubrication several times daily.
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Well i agree that it is definitely some kind of deformity or even a birth defect maybe, but to answer your question no she can not blink. And there was never an eye there when i got here or so i discovered after getting her home. Now i have a problem of just one single chick that wants to peck at her eye. The rest of the chicks dont bother her. I put her back with the group and applied some ointment to her eye and she is much better. Now i have a little bully to deal with!? Not really sure what to do, she has been isolated for 3 days now and as soon as i put her back with the group she goes for the disabled chick. But she is sweet and not aggressive, just pecks.
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Usually they will forget about pecking after they are separated. Maybe try putting something else sparkly in the brooder for her to peck at.

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Thank you for your advice. I will try that for sure!! We are going on day 4 of separation and just not sure hle long it's going to take for her to get it.
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I would put her back, and watch the one with the eye problem or separate her for a day.

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Thank you for your advice. For now I have decided to split them 3 and 3. There are no problems this way everyone is somewhat happy and not isolated. When I let them out to play outside for the first time in a big dog play pen everyone was happy for about 10 minutes and then the eye pecking started again. So I dont know I will just monitor the situation day by day for now. Thanks guys!
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