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anyone like hunting?

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well im 21 and a country girl, been brought up with rifles and traps etc, I got married when I was 18 to a older man who also likes hunting, we have little competition and I always win, (he blames his rifles lol) but since having a premature baby at 12 weeks early I hardly shot my rifle for a few years but today I had a few hours to myself so I got my rifle out for a clean and to set my sights up and then I heard a pheasant in the distance, so I waited and waited till it was in my sight, then I got a head shot at 60 yards (wow this girls still got it) so I went an got it took a few pics Lol, and gutted it and cooked the breasts um... so yummy.. just to let u peeps know I don't shoot anything for fun, just things me and my family can eat and enjoy eating ,, is there any one else that enjoys shooting/hunting? X
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Right on!

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got another today 😉
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Nice shooting there young lady.

I hunt some, but love to just shoot, more.

Currently clearing out for a 600 yard range on my land.
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600 yards!! bloody hell must be a FAC? what rifle u got? I like target shooting but sometimes it gets very boring when u hit bulls-eye every shot Lol, x
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It's just a Reminton 700 in .308. (7.62mm)

No FAC here, but I've spent enough time in the UK to know what it is.
I love history and have pictures of a 1000 year old barn near London that the owner let me walk thru. Still being used.

Keep up the good shooting!
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wow that's a powerful gun! to powerful for me Lol, I have a scorpion ultra .22 only doing 11.50lbs but the farthest I can get is 100 yards Lol, ive never been to London always wanted to tho, I live in the middle of no where and nothing around me for 18 miles Lol, 😃 x
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Around London is only place I have been England, but spent 17 days going around Scotland in 2012.
Next time will be England.
I live very rural also. No place else that I would rather be!
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I live in London. It's a nice city but not much hunting opportunity! I was hoping to get a wood pigeon from my garden with my slingshot, he was coming down to eat my freshly seeded beds every morning. My cat beat me to it though. Oh well, at least my beds are growing.
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