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injured pullet

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I'm just not having much luck this week! Today it was 78' out and we brought our 4 week old babies out to play I the sun. My year old RIR walked up to one ... and pecked her so bad she pretty much scalped part of her head sad.png I immediately put cotton on it to stop bleeding and then neosporin. She's been wrapped in a washcloth and resting on couch all evening. Is there anything I can give her for pain? Or just watch the would and keep it clean? I seperated her from the other babies but have her close by them (they are still all in my house until next week).

I just want to be sure we do everything we can for her.

Never had any injuries ... and now I have two I'll chickens. Just my luck sad.png I sure am learning a LOT!!

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Can you post a photo?

Wounds heal fairly quickly, so it sounds like you are doing good. Plain neosporin or vetericyn ointment works well. Keep her warm and make sure she is eating and drinking well. Just keep an eye on her wound for infection.

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Here is her head. sad.png
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Originally Posted by SurbFarmGirl View Post

Here is her head. sad.png

Poor thing.

Just keep it clean. IMO it should heal well, barring any infection. They are resilient creatures.

Once it starts to heal over, I would put her near the others in a separate cage so she is not completely isolated and hopefully reintegration won't be so hard to deal with. Even after a couple of days they can be viewed as an outsider.  I use a large wire kennel set up in the run/coop that way no one can get to them (further injury) but they are somewhat "included" with the flock. If you don't have a kennel, you could use simple chicken wire and block off an area for her to be in with her own food and water.

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OK thank you. Right now they are next to each other in plastic bins in my living room. They are sharing a heat lamp ... so they are pretty close, but still separated. I'm going to build something next week to add to the existing coop outside so I can move them out with the big girls. Obviously I know now not to let them come into contact with one another :(  Hard lesson learned. On a positive note, Pickle is getting lots of one on one attention, so maybe she'll turn our to be our loving lady :) LOL. I swore last night I was going to have to sleep with her on my chest all night because she didn't want to move. 

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