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Hovabator Help

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I got this incubator yesterday. Its really old. And I am not sure how to work it. We added a computer fan on the inside, and can't get the temp below 100 when the fan is the fan a problem? Or am I just using the temperature knob wrong? Any help is appreciated
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You may want to replace the wafer thermostat if you haven't already. Wafer thermostats go bad. You can get a new thermostat online at Randall Burkey, or Strombergs for around $11. You can also replace it with an electronic thermostat.

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I have eggs that need to go in within 24 hours, not not much time to get something ordered! With the fan I was wanting to get it to 99.5, but if I stop the fan it will stay at 100.
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It's very likely that your fan is too high a wattage. Idealy it needs to be a 5w fan, and anything over 10w is going to build excessive heat and drive your temp up especially as the ambient temprature of the room it's in increases as spring gets here
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Gotcha...that makes a lot of sense. The fan is 12 volt (hooked up to a 9 volt cord haha).
I didn't know that wafer thermostats needed to be replaced sometimes!
Thanks for the info
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