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arkansas swap

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Hey guys I started this thread because there are so many swap threads but they are so far away. So in hopes that we can bring swaps to Arkansas and the locals wont have to search as hard to find what they want or travel near as far to get the perfect feather baby. Or have to pay as high of a shipping cost to get them home. Happy swapping yall! 😁
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For those in south Arkansas and north Louisiana, the Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days is on for this weekend.  It is located in Arcadia Louisiana, maybe 20 miles or so from the state line.  They usually have a family that sells poultry there with a pretty good variety and healthy animals.  They are located on the last row which is the animal row.  I don't have any financial interest in this, just want to encourage people to come by and get some more vendors there.

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