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Help, Wheezing Chicken.

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Went out to check on my girls this evening and one of my little silkies is wheezing.  She was not doing this six hours earlier when I went to collect eggs and throw out a couple handfuls of scratch. 

She is active and alert, eating normaly, poop is normal, no nasal or eye discharge, no head shaking or scratching.  I looked in her mouth and nose and didn't see anything.  I have separated her and brought her in the house for the night.  Put some VetRx under her wings and near her nostrils.  My husband took a video so you can hear her.  She is in my lap and I am petting her belly. 

Any suggestions??  Trying not to freak out! 

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It sounds like she is having stridor, a high pitched sound that is made when there is something partially blocking the airway or trachea. Usually it is a piece food they have "inhaled" but it also could be mucus or a foreign object. This usually clears within a couple of hours, but if it gets worse or doesn't clear, then look into the throat with a flash light, and note any symptoms of a respiratory infection (runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, etc.)  Let us know how she is doing later on.

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You were right! She cleared up in a few hours. I kept her in overnight because it was already dark outside and she was still clear this morning. She went back out to her flock mates.

Thank you!!
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Good to hear. She probably coughed and cleared her airway.

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