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my dog

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i have a gorges white german shepherd well 1/8 german shepherd and 7/8 white german shepherd and she is the sweetest and most playful 3 year old pup you will ever meet i would like to get her on tv i don't want her to do much because she has hip dysplasia i give her pills every day and sometimes i forget she evan has it so the tricks i can train her to do are limited but she is a great dog she is a guard dog and can get a bit distracted but she tries to please me all the time she can swim but she 100% hates pound, pools etc.

​but i feel like she would be a great dog for comical that spoil there dogs with the best... and i live 1 hour down from LA so i'm hoping to get here on tv even for $10 tell me what you think i can do on tv or if i should put here on tv BTW she can be a little shy but she warms up fast she is a goofy, lazy but loves to run and play for hours 


her name is Snowe 


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i'm starting her in agility with any jump because she has hip dysplasia and i'm trying to take here to the beach more often btw her hips don't phase her

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White shepherds aren't a separate breed.   So she is German Shepherd.     Have you had her xrays evaluated by OFA?   The degree of issue can make a big difference in what activites she should be doing.  If her hips are bad, you want to skip most running exercises even if she isn't showing signs of pain.    GSDs will work through horrendous pain without letting you see how much they are actually hurting.


for TV, you are going to need to have 100% rock solid obedience in all of the basics and then you work on shaping different behaviors off of that.   

Since you live in the area, find an agent that deals in animal talent.  A trainer who specializes in movie animals would also be a good resource on what behaviors would be good to have her trained for.   

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she does not have any other heath problems and i don't want her to be a house hold name and not for the money for the fun it would be nice to get a little $ but fun is more important and i give her pills every day and i know hen to stop pushing her to do things and she his bad hips but not horrible hips she is the best hips in her litter but she still has hip dysplasia and i don't need to hire a trainer i am very protective and i can find every thing i read on the web and she know down, sit, stay, come, roll over, speak, crawl and bang and i'm working on spin left and right and limp on command 

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what does being protective have to do with hiring a trainer?    to have a dog that might even have a chance of performing in public, you are going to have to work with a trainer and work in a lot of different situations.  it's not just training the tricks but working with others in extremely distracting environments.

I was asking how you knew she has hip dysplasia?   a lot of general practice vets look at x-rays and say "oh it's HD" based on the fact that the dog is a german shepherd.   Not all hip issues are HD and it's best to have the xrays evaluated by a specialist.

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For commercial or television work dogs are often trained to hand signals or other non verbal cues. Once they are trained, the trainer starts teaching them to work with more distance, since the trainer needs to be off camera. Off leash distance training is tricky but fun when it's done right.

Clicker training is great for shaping behaviors.

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i know she has hip dysplasia because her 12-10 other litter mates have it and we got her from a bad breed so my friends dads sisters (my friend aunt) was getting a dog from her and she got both her dogs "checked" for heath problems and they have "non" but is so many of her litter mates have it so we got x-rays so we are 99% sure she has it but i'm working on getting one more x-ray because she was 9 weeks old when the x-rays where done 


​and the guard dog thing was about how she does not have the perfect temperament for tv but she has a good temperament for tv so i was trying to say she is a bit shy but she warms up fast so she should be ok with every thing going on set and i'm trying to avoid getting a trainer and we can call some people and have her watch people and dogs running and making pound sounds so i can get her there 90% of the way and once again she is not going to be doing tons of tricks but she will most likely be hired for her looks not for all the tricks she can do but she will still know some tricks and i'm not really trying to work on her being good with every little thing that comes her way but if i know she has a chance of booking some tv adds i will try to do it every day 

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for any type of tv or commerical work, a shy dog isn't going to be able to cut it.     She'll be surrounded by anxious people yelling and screaming and a lot of hectic noise, often right beside her.


a trainer is going to be an essential part of the deal - it's not something that most people have the skill to work on at home.  

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yeah most people but i'm under 18 so the day Snowe left her mom and came to CA i slept in the create with her so that mooring she was with her mom and that night i was sleeping with her so know one can understand her like i can and i can get her to open up fast and i'm slowly getting there and i don't want to spend too much time doing that if she is not going to evan be on tv but if she has a good chance i can get her there in 1-2 weeks 

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what you are saying is a contradiction.  If she isn't used to working with others, there is no way that she could ever do tv or commercials.   If she is shy around strangers, she can't do TV or commercials.    And, no, no matter how well you know her you couldn't have her ready for work in 1-2 weeks.    It takes years of work with animals in general to even know where to begin and then months and years of work with the individual dog to get them to the level of work needed.
The animal in question has to have a rock solid temperament and, sadly, it doesn't sound like your girl does.     "shy" "nervous" and "slow to open up" are all things that make it highly unlikely that she could even cope with exposure to the environment, let alone perform in it.

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