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Thank you for the links.  Very helpful!   I think you're right that she has a bacterial infection.  We are working on that. 


If Ethel has a bacterial infection, is she contagious for our other chicks?  I hate to ask it, but should she be isolated in a separate brooder?  Our other 5 chicks are happy and healthy.  We are being very careful about brooder cleanliness.

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It wouldn't matter by now since they have been together so long. . I would leave her with the others. She needs the company, and it just makes it easier. Since you have started medicating her eye, she probably isn't much of a risk.

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You can find normal saline in the pharmacy section of most stores in a clear water bottle looking thing or beside the nasal drops... A lot of the nasal drops that you see can be normal saline but be sure to read the label. If you are still having trouble then check in the baby section for nose drops or the nasal spray... I KNOW that those are mostly just NS. Just thought a nasal dropper might be easier than a huge bottle of water to administer! 😀
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Thanks! Ethel is doing better- we took her to a vet and he gave us eye drops for her. They seemed to help her, so that's good. I also got her left eye un-stuck from the dried discharge! She's also eating more which is also really good. :-)

I'll post before and after pictures, it's really amazing how well her eye's have cleared up!
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Sorry it took me so long, but here's a coupe pictures-



She's now in the "awkward" teen age chick age, so she looks a little scraggily.  Her eyes are doing better, but there still is some watery discharge.  I'm cleaning her eyes every night, and starting to continue the medication again, so hopefully it clears up.  

Other than that, she's doing great!  She's such a sweetheart!  :)

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Still going good, except Ethel still has some clear goo in her eyes, that creates tiny bubbles.  

Should I continue the medication, will that clear it up?  

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