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I think they like the taste of eggs. Once they start, it's difficult to get them to stop. Try to be very proactive about collecting eggs (2 to 3 times per day) and put some fake wooden eggs into the nest that she can't eat. She might get tired of trying. I had this issue a few years ago, and what a mess it creates and draws ants to the nestbox...ugh.  This method worked well for me. I think they got the taste for them in the first place because someone broke an egg while laying it.... my bad, not enough pine shavings in the next boxes. They stand up to lay the eggs, and the drop a couple of inches to the nest. If there is some exposed wood, or the bedding isn't thick enough, the egg can crack.... then they start cracking them open themselves.   

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I ended up selling my Ameraucana to a nice lady who bought 6 birds from me. I was honest about her being an egg eater and she said she gets her eggs out the nests all the time. Now that she is gone I don't have that problem anymore thank god.
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