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yeah.. I poked it with a needle just a little bit and it preaty  much exploaded with some really yucky stuff.     well will keep my fingers and toes crossed that the others make it..    


Thank you for all of your help..  :hugs

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Glad you threw it out. I learned that an oozing egg meant that it is rotten and about to explode. Next time you see it ooze, just double bag it carefully and throw in the trash.


I have a Brinsea Mini Advance and the instruction manual is rubbish. Go to this site and check out this lady's youtube video on how to set it up, and just do exactly what she does.

(Note though, she starts periodic cooling from day 0, but the Brinsea manual doesn't recommend that you start it till day 7. To do this, you set it to off on day 0, and turn it to on on day 7, or just leave it off the whole time.)


For humidity, just put water in one of the two wells inside the incubator, and make sure it doesn't dry out (how much water doesn't seem to matter because it just evaporates off the surface, just make sure there is water in there). On Day 18, fill BOTH the wells with water and make sure there's water in both. You can open the top quickly to refill the water if you want.


Check out the website I posted and if you decide to do this again, follow her instructions exactly, and I think you'll do better. I used mail order eggs and had a pretty decent 50% hatch rate using the Brinsea.


Good luck!

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I went down to my feed store and the one thing they did not have was a hermador to messure the humility..  :/      I ended up buying another unit called the little giant..  it is a Styrofoam  unit that holds 40 eggs.. (far more then I need)  but it has everything that I need... temp control... two vents.. and a humidor ..    transferred the two eggs over and they are doing great.. they only have about a week left..   I have a broody hen that is sitting on a clutch of 6 eggs I am hoping that they hatch about the same time hers do and maybe I can sneak the two new ones into the bunch without her noticing..   she is a good mother and the dominate of the group so when she gets done sitting the other hens better fall into line.. one has been trying to push the others around to take the dominate position I think....  but she will be put into place soon..   :)

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