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So I noticed recently my one egg a day had been bloody. I finally found the culprit today. This has only been going on for like 4 days and I found the reason for it being bloody but then she had white stuff coming out of her too. What could this be. There is a all very bright red protrusion coming out of the vent so I was wondering if that could be the issue. I am still new and this is my first big issue. She is almost one.

She has that gnarly cut at the top so what should I do for that. Do I put something on it? Do I need to keep her isolated? (which will be hard and do I keep her inside?? Also this is after she sat in the warm bath I gave her and wiped the ickyness away. You can see there is gross yellow white stuff and a small red protrusion. She is eating fine (actually ate a lot in the tub to keep her from freeking out) Also pooping fine (in the tub of course)
and no blood in the poop. HELP!!!!!!!