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Hi Jeff,
Have you check out some of the tractors on here?

Since you have space on a farm, wouldn't be better to free range instead of a tractor? 

As far as Installation, chicken will eat the installation so it isn't a good idea.  Maybe only install the ceiling.

I remember watching this video, this person has 7 chicken in the snow.. and the chickens does fine as long as they were fully feather.

I just started having chicken as well, with 2
Thanks for the reply. Right now I'm looking at building a tractor but wll probably build a coop with a run sometime in the future. It's kind of tuff to free range. There's a lot of predators around looking for a snack. At night I can here the coyotes right at the edge of my lawn. I'll let them out when I'm home and can be around to watch over them. I was thinking 2x2 framing for the house with the pink insulation in between the studs. Then whatever I decide for siding on the outside and plywood or something on the inside walls. I've looked at a bunch of the tractors on here but some of the pictures are had to tell what size the framing is.