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Weak Chick

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Need some ideas. One of my chicks that I picked up from the feed store yesterday is really week, won't eat or drink on her own. I can get some water with electrolytes in her with an eye dropper, but that's it. The food is medicated crumbles that I made into a mashed gruel, and I can't get it in her. She's been snuggled up against my shirt under my sweater off and on all day. She's just not thriving. No pasty butt or anything visible other than lethargy and weakness. 


The other 3 are fine. 


Any ideas?

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Never mind, she just passed away. I had her for a little over 1 day. :( 

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I'm sorry to hear that :hugs

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done, she may have been just to stressed by transport to the store or was just to week to make it.

At least she had some comfort and snuggle time.

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Thanks. That's what I've been telling myself, but it's nice to hear from someone else too:)

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