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drake with a swollen leg

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Some how our drake injured himself (probably because we were talking about culling him). I let them out and all were fine. I checked a few hours later & he was holding his leg up & using his wing for balance. I thought he just needed to rest it so I put him is a small sectioned off area in the coop with his own food & water. He hasn't gotten any better.

Besides Epsom salt soak is there anything else I can do? I checked his leg, no bumblefoot, no hot spots. The local farm that does processing doesn't start processing until the end of April hmm.png
Any help is appreciated!
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He may have suffered a sprained leg or hip. That can take up to several weeks to heal. I would give him some vitamins in his water and force him to rest it inside the pen.

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I never got a notification that someone replied hmm.png I ended up taking him to the vet yesterday. It is believed to be a mating injury. The vet didn't feel any broken bones, xray was not a financial option. They told me to give him half a 81mg aspirin every 24 hours for 5 days, 2 day break, then 5 more days if needed. Also gave me Baytril to administer every 12 hours. But if we do that he will no longer be good for consumption. I gave him the aspirin yesterday and he's able to put his leg down today. Towards the end of our 6 hour journey he seemed to be much happier.
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He probably just needs time to rest and recover. Good luck.

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