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Ok now I'm scared I don't know what to do I went to do that but now he's kinda tossing his head back and opening and closing his mouth. I wrapped him up in a warm blanket but what does thin mean😓😓😓
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Your chick is lacking vitamins either add some polytonine super booster into the water or if you want to go to tractor supply you can get Sav-A-Chick electrolytes here is a link to the electrolytes.

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I can't go out right now would the sugar water and a pinch of salt mix work???
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Yes that will temporarily work I like to generally give my chicks electrolytes for about a week and a half after they are hatched to help them off to a good start.

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He won't take any and keeps opening and closing his mouth and won't open his eyes..
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Try force feeding with an eye dropper, if that doesn't work then you will have to weight and see. Make sure that your brooder is warm enough 85 F to 90 F Is the temperature he needs to be kept at all times until he Is old enough.

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Thank you for all ur help. You truly were very helpfull. But sadly the poor thing has passed away
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Well you gave the chick a chance and did all that you could, but it wasn't meant to be. Sorry for your loss.

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