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Please help!!!

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Two days ago i went to tractor supply and they had chicks and ducklings. In one of the tubs there was just one chick, all by its self, laying on its back....i thought it was dead. But then it started moving and after a few minutes flipped over to its belly and stumbled around. I felt so bad for it so i talked to a worker and he said that there wasnt anything wrong with it its just so little that it got flipped over on its back and the others were being mean and steping on it so he put it in there. He told me if i was going to try and help it (I'm not sure if it's a girl or boy) i could go ahead and take i did. It wont drink unless i put its head to the water and wont eat at all. It cant really sit up just lays forward or on its side. When it trys to walk it leans to the side and usualy falls over. But over all it did pretty good the first day and night and i finally got it to eat a tiny bit. But then last night i thought it was all over. The poor baby just layed there a nd wouldnt open its eyes or even try to stand. It took some water but no food. I was afraid it was too cold so i bunddled em up and put hothannds around em and stayed up sll night with it. It lived and is doing better. Today i got him to eat some and drink but all it wants to do is sleep. And it lays in weird positions. It litterally falls asleep in my hands when I'm trying to feed it. Igot a heat lamp set up and cousioned a box but still I have to physically give em food and water. I really want this baby to live...and I'm sorry this is soo long...PLEASE HELP ME😢😢😭
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I would continue to keep it warm and under a heat lamp....just make sure it's not too hot! Is it able to walk and get around at all? It may just be weak from lack of food and/or water. If it won't eat or drink on its own, I would try to feed and water it with an eye dropper, (Maybe get it some chick starter, mix it with water, and let it soften and feed it through an eye dropper or syringe). Also, make sure it has some chick grit as well. As for sleeping in weird positions, my Guinea keets sleep in crazy positions; all stiff and stretched out with their legs out straight, so maybe chickens are the same? Hopefully with a little time it will get stronger and bounce back. Good luck!
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Thank you and it can kind of stumble about but is still always leaning to the side..
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How is your little chick? Has it gotten any stronger?
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