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constipated chick

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New time chicken owner... I have one baby chick who has been making a weird noise that pretty much sounds like a cricket chirping every time she tries to pass stool. I watched her a few times and only a little comes out and she really struggles to pass stool for about 1-2mins. There is no blood present in the stool but her vent was swollen and slightly protruding. I soaked her rear end into a warm water for 10mins today and she passed a large amount of stool. After a few hours its back to almost the same. Should I soak her rear end again or what else could I try? I have the probiotic and electrolyte packet but it says to mix it in a gallon of water and I didn't think that it necessary to give to the 11 other healthy should I separate her from the others to get her to drink the gallon of water? 

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Electrolyte water is good and probiotics it should work.itself out encourage her to drink every hour or so dip her beak in it. Soak her bottom in warm water? If it worked the first time do it again shouldn't hurt. She just needs to stay hydrated. In a few days it should be ok
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Just be careful you can.prolapse the vent if it's messed with too much
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Soaking it and dating it dry should be ok
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Yeah its pretty much a bath with me holding her. I read to do that when one of the chicks I bought at tractor supply had a bad case of pasty butt and I fixed her with the warm bath. Thanks I will do it again tonight and keep her hydrated.
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