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Almost Done With Coop Need Suggestions (Chicks Coming in May)

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Alright I am not sure if I should start a new thread for this or not because I am basically making a sequel to the below thread link:





Ok... So I have read on here quite a bit and took the recommendation of the members here and here is the results so far of my Coop/Run Repurposed Building but please help me with a few questions after you look at the pics and design aspects: 






Alright so here go:


1. I have utilized the hardware cloth from Amazon (23 gauge 1/4 inch) with an open coop design in Ft Worth, TX ( Mild Winters)


2.. I have replaced the roof of the old building with new and I have also placed a roof on the run. I utilized the old galvanized roofing as a skirt buried 10-15 inchs all the way around as well has hardware cloth skirted underneath that. ( I will also add a skirt on ground sides as well "flaring" away from coop and run. 


3. The Coop is 16x8 and the Run is 8x8  with both having plenty of air for the chickens. 


4. I have yet to put in the roost but my intention is to roost at 3ft 4ft 6ft (with a nice step to the 3ft until chicks get big enough to hop up. I will also be putting a pallet roost in the run for them to chill on for open air. 


5. I am utilizing construction sand in the coop and the run for flooring over the existing dirt/earth in place (sandy soil as well).




I think that covers the basics for now....Now here is my issues and questions:


Issue #1: I initially only was going to get 6 chickens hence the 64sq ft run space but after finding out that I could not find any Black Australorps locally I had to order from the hatchery and I (of course) felt the need to satisfy the minimum order of 15 (already addicted).  


  Question #1: So I work from home and live on 4 acres where I intend to free range the chickens from 8-6 daily. Considering that, do I have enough coop  and run space to support that amount of chickens (15)? I assume that the coop space at 8sqft per bird and being open must count towards/help that 10sqft per bird run space right? 




Issue #2: I utilized the hardware cloth and went with the smallest wire because the presence of rat snakes around my location primarily but I find that it is somewhat flimsy for installation (PITA) and hard to believe it can stop a some determined coyotes. 


Question #2: Does anyone have any experience with the 23 gauge 1/4 inch hardware cloth from Amazon? 



Issue #3: I have made the feeder developed by the great members here at BYC with the 5 gallon bucket and 90 degree elbow at the bottom and the 5 Gallon bucket with the chicken nipples for water. 



Question #3: How many 90 degree inputs should I have for 15 chickens or should I just have two feeders with 1 90 degree opening on each? I have put in 5 watering nipples on the 5 gal bucket (1 per 3 chicken rule) and I will have another one set up where they will range as well. Will that be enough NIPPLES? 



Thanks guys!!!


bock bock bockaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaea




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Surely there is someone with the knowledge to answer my questions here....

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I'll give a go of this.........


if you free range nearly 100% of the time, I think you are good to go.

I'd add another elbow to the feeder, and another two elbow feeder.

for water, I'd set up dishes out in the yard, where they free range.

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Thanks Bert are my other questions anything you could help out with or any other members?

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