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Hatching Egg

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Baby Chicks  have pipped a hole in their shell yesterday at about 1 pm.  Only chirping sounds was coming from one egg.  Its now 6 am and no more chirping sounds and chick has made no more progress breaking thru the egg.  The egg on left had the chirping sounds yesterday.  Haven't heard any sounds from egg on right 

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Did your chicks hatch ok? I see your post is from over one day ago. They do rest a lot during the hatching process so not hearing them for a while is common place. From pip to zip can also take 24 hours and in some cases even more. All chicks are individuals.

fl.gif They hatched ok.
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My first two checks didn't make it. I kept humidity too high thru incubation period. Their air sack was too small. I have two more that should hatch this week. Their air sacks are very small too so I have them in a tray to hopefully give them a chance. This is my first time hatching my reds eggs. I've learned a lot from this site.
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Sorry to hear your first two didn't make it hugs.gif

Fingers crossed for your next two and that you can get those air cells bigger fl.gif
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