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 I am hoping someone can shed some on light on this....two of my chickens died this weekend.

One was 2 yrs and the other only 1 yr. they are housed in different coops and did not show any signs of being sick.

 No signs of injury either.

 I am so sad at the loss of my girls but also concerned that I will lose more.



 Any ideas that could help?


 Thank you!!!!

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send their body in for a necropsy I don't know your location but there should be a lab close enough to send them in to, you don't have much for us to go on so that is why I suggested sending it to a lab.

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X2 for a necropsy if you saved the bodies and refrigerated them. Smell and look at your feed for any signs of mold, check the crops for impaction of any sick chickens, look for any odd droppings, especially with blood, look for any sitting around puffed up or hunched and not eating. Chickens can suffer from egg binding, and all sorts of illnesses. Sorry for your loss. Here is a link for the state vet for necropsies:

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 We are going to do a lot more looking at the other chickens. I don't want to lose any more of my girls. 

 They are just starting to lay good again after the darker winter months. We have a rooster in with one group of hens. He was a mistake with the last purchase but we have kept him. We were wondering if maybe he stressing them out and something happened. So many possibilities.......


 This was new to us so we didn't save the bodies and hopefully we won't have to again....I feel like a bad mother.

 Thank you so much for your advice.

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it happens sometimes it isn't that you weren't good enough sometimes they just drop and no one has an answer, hopefully you can catch it incase the others in your flock have it.

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