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Rooster breaking eggs.

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I have a rooster that keeps breaking eggs. I need this rooster because I am incubating the eggs but it has gotten to the point that I have to separate him. So my question is, how often should I put him back with this hen to ensure the best fertility in the eggs? If I could I would just get another rooster, but I can't find any around me and this is the only one I have.




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I would put him in every 3-5 days but is there a way u could just keep him out of the nesting box is he eating them or just breaking them
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Once a week is enough. Put him in in the late afternoon after your hens are done laying.
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What breed is he?
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He is just breaking them, he has also started pecking me (like being over protective of the hen). There is no way to keep him out of the nest box so he will be put in the pen next to the hen. They are Birchen Cochin bantams. I have never had a problem with LF or bantam Cochins before. :/ 

Thanks you for the replies, I will put them together every three days. :)



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Can u put a like old shirt and shred it to make flaps over the nesting boxes
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Believe me, I have gone through many, many different nest boxes and materials. This is my only and last option, and I will be finding him a new home. This is something I have been dealing with for a while now. 

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Well I hope u find him a home and find another
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What about the nesting box design with a sloped floor that allows the freshly laid eggs to roll back through a small slot into a protected area? It's some work but it sounds like you're willing to go to some length.
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That's a good idea
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