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my rooster isn't crowing right

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He looks fine and is acting fine but when he goes to crow it sounds like he's straining and almost gurggaly. Any ideas.. I have like 10 roosters do I don't mind one not crowing I just don't want him to be hurt
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Have you added any new chickens recently, or have you seen any mold around? Respiratory infections like infectious bronchitis, MG, coryza, aspergillosis, and ILT are some of the diseases that can make them sick. Here is some reading about those:

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Thank you for the information.. none of those other symptoms are occurring and today it's back to normal.. Can they get stuff caught in their crop
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Good news. Yes having liquid or mucus in the throat from a full crop can cause gurgling. Since he is much better, that may be what the problem was. Chickens don't have any sphincter keeping food and water from coming back up when their heads are down. That's why you can see water dripping out of their mouths after drinking when their head is down.

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