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Sick hen, need info

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I have a sick hen. I remember reading a post about a hen with these same symptoms, but I can't remember what it was. For several days I would come into the coop and she would just be sitting on the roost with her eyes closed. If they were open they looked watery. She has a pale look to her head. I have her isolated and am keeping an eye on her. She just stands there looking pitiful with her eyes closed most of the time. Any input would be appreciated.
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Sorry to hear about your girl.  These symptoms you mentioned are very common in many chicken illnesses. Have you checked her for mites? Is she eating/drinking? Poop watery or normal? Full crop?

My very first move would be to check her vent for mites and if you find them...treat those first. If its not mites, you can cross that off and continue checking her remaining symptoms against other chicken illnesses. 

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No mites.
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