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Limping Chicken

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At about lunchtime I went out to let the girls run outside in the little path I shoveled around the fence since it snowed this morning and I noticed one of my australorp hens (Gladis) limping. I checked for broken bones and anything else that could have caused this. Nothing. But I did notice one foot/leg is noticeably warmer than the other. I'm not sure what might be wrong, any thoughts?sad.png
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Check the bottom of her footpad for swelling, redness, and a dark spot which would be bumblefoot. More likely it is a sprain from jumping on and off a roost. Resting the leg in a crate or pen for a week or two would probably help. Make sure that she is moving the toes, and that the foot isn't paralyzed. 

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I checked the bottom of her foot earlier not bumblefoot. Knowing her probably from jumping out of the coop this morning, they get a little impatient when one is in front of them so they jump off. Her toes and foot seem to move fine I'll be sure to keep an eye on her. Thanks
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I just went out and checked on her, she's now in the nest box. Could that have been the cause of her limping maybe?
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Yes, jumping up and down from roosts or out of the coop is probably the most common cause of sprains.

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This happened to me yesterday, I came home to find one of my girls with a limp. I managed to catch her and check her out, can't find anything wrong, no injuries, heat or anything. (I went ahead and sprayed her foot with Vetricyn-sp? just to be safe) All her toes are good, have strength in them, nothing broken I can find either. So I added vitamins & electrolites to their waterers and am just watching her. This morning when she came out of the coop, she seemed to stretch the leg out although she was still favoring it. Of course, she jumped off the ramp rather than walk down it. :/ She's coming out to eat and acting normal, but she did seem like her crop wasn't full after their backyard grass time last night. 

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Just let them out today and she seems fine. She isn't limping and when she runs it's normal.
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That's good news. Thanks for the update.

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