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Injured Crop

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So we had a hawk attack about an hour ago.... And our Rosie had sustained a head injury. A fairly minor one, easily cleaned. We had already decided to keep her inside for a few days... While I was preparing a little box for her to sleep in my brother and sister discovered a possible second injury. When I inspected the area.... I am 90% sure her crop is open. She isn't bleeding much if at all.... But the contents of her crop are.... Well outside.

Suggestions? Pics will come in a bit
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I would take her to a vet or emergency hospital to get stitched up. Clean her wounds with betadine, chlorhexidene, or saline. Apply plain antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin or neosporin.

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Thanks eggcessive. My thoughts were along those lines but I still had to post the question. You've provided advice on questions I had at least two times before, you are a good resource and thank you for taking the time to answer my concerns.
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You're welcome. I know some people will attempt stitching the crop at home, and I understand that. Since my vet doesn't see chickens, I would probably try it myself if I had to. There is a good video if you go to the search box at the top of this page, and enter "crop surgery video" and click on the first thread. The crop has two layers I have read, and both layers have to be stitched. The alternative to stitches would be steri-strips or even duct tape (redneck method.)  Let us know what happens.

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Alright so we took her to a vet today. We had called several last night and finally found one that treats chickens not too far from us. (Our town vet would have seen her but he had to do poultry inspections today...). It it well, the vet has chickens herself!
Anyway she looked at Rosie and gave us two options; one was to clean the area everyday and apply an ointment to help it heal (apparently, at least according to this vet, the crop can heal on its own). This option means no antibiotics. The other was surgery, so stitches And very likely an antibiotic.
We decided to try the first so; food is rationed out for her rather than free feed. And every day a saline wash followed by an ointment (which I guess is used as a burn ointment for humans).
Hopefully she will heal on her own, if not then well... Time for surgery!
People got a kick out of seeing a chicken at the pet hospital smile.png

P.S. Yeah we decided this was a bit too far over our heads to deal with ourselves.
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