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Dog nipped chick

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Hello. I was looking at one of our chicks making sure we didn't have a pasty butt recurrence and one of our dogs sneaked by me and nipped the chick.

There was some light bleeding and some loss of feathers (see photo).

We cleaned the area with some peroxide on a Qtip and segregated her from the other chicks. She is acting fine, eating, pooping although chirping a lot.

Any advice?
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Put some iodine or plain antibiotic ointment on the wound. Watch to make sure other chicks don't peck at the wound.The wound looks to be directly over the crop where food is stored, so make sure the chick is eating and drinking well, and that the crop doesn't become full and hard or impacted. You can compare it to the other chicks to see if it feels the same.

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We have her separated from the other chicks right now, it looks better this morning.


I put betadyne on it last night and again this morning.  It is ok to put like Bacitracin on it?  I wasn't sure but I could do so.


She is definitely eating and drinking, and I put some Poly-Vi-Sol in her water.  She was actually in really good spirits this morning.


I will keep an eye on the "hardness" in that spot as you suggest.



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Bacitracin is very good to use. Chicks heal pretty fast, so I would try letting her rejoin the others for periods while you watch. BluKote is a staining blue antibacterial the can be used to hide the red wound to prevent pecking. It wears off eventually.

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