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How can you tell the sex?

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My wife and I just currently started our own little backyard chicken coop. We started with 3 Rhode Island Red chicks they say that their all hens, but I don't feel like that's accurate. Is there any good way to figure this out now? And is there any good tips for a beginner in the chicken world?
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Post some pictures of your lil chicks.  There are many here that can recognize if it is a pullet or cockerel.   When you buy chicks from a supplier, they usually have them already sexed.   They will be pullets, cockerels, or straight run.    Straight run means you get both sexes.   They for the most part are quite accurate.  (about 90% of the time)    Of course sexlinks are 99.9 % correct.    I always leave a sliver open for error. :caf

WISHING YOU BEST ...:thumbsup


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one pretty accurate way to tell is when their combs come in. the Cockrell (male) will have a Reddish comb. The pullet (female) will have a pink comb. The pullets (female) comb will NOT be red until she is at point of lay (ready to lay her eggs) depending on her breed this can be anywhere from 4 to 6 months sometimes even later in special breeds. so when their little combs come in the red combs will be male, the pink combs female. The females comb stays pink until she's ready to lay her first egg. I really hope this helps you out some. Congratulations on your first flock! keep coming back to these forums on BYC. I think you will like it ! I'm certain your flock will bring you great joy! The forum is also really great to talk to like minded people! you will make lots of new friends!!smile.png
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Here is our three chickens, we cleaned their pen today so it was a good day for pictures.
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They are too young to be sexed by sight. You will know in 4-6 weeks. Hopefully you got them somewhere that ordered pullet chicks, though vent sexing is only 90% accurate on average.

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This is of course probably a dumb question, but we're still leaning here. What do you mean pullet chicks? And what is venting sexing? Thank you guys again for the help
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I'm sorry I see what you mean by pullet, just had to read the other comments haha
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