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Type of wood

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I am getting ready to start building a large outdoor pen for my new pekin ducks. I currently have it all planned out but keep adjusting the size a bit. I keep going back and forth between the size of the enclosed portion and the size of the run.

But once I figure that out, what type of wood is OK to use for the main structure? I was going to use pressure treated lumber but then got to thinking if that was safe for them with the chemicals used to treat it. It will be a 2x4 frame with plywood covered in siding for the enclosed part, then 2x4 frame covered in welded wire mesh for the open air run.

They are still only a week or so old, so the pen would be outside for a while airing out before they go in there.

I could use any type of wood that's best. My budget is about $300 or so, and the way I've priced it with the pressure treated wood, it was under $200 with the welded wire. I can get siding scraps for free and I have some shingles left for the roof.

Thanks for any info and tips.
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Don't be afraid of the treated lumber.     Your birds are not going to be eating it.   Exposed  regular wood will rot quickly .  Ok to use regular wood as long as it is protected from the elements with siding and roofing..   It needs to stay dry.    Anything touching the ground  should be treated unless you intend to replace very often.


WISHING YOU BEST.. and :welcome

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Excellent. Thank you. I should hopefully be done with it this weekend. I'll post some pictures
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I used treated wood for the base and thompsons water seal wood for the frames.There is also a discount bin of wood at home depot 70% off to keep costs low

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I've had terrible luck getting straight boards from home Depot. The pressure treated is usually a little better than the regular kiln dried, but it always seems I need to dog through the pile to find ones that aren't like a banana haha.

Lowe's is usually a but better in that regard.

I'd like to keep the costs down as much as possible, but I also want it to look nice and last. I always tend to over build things as well. I built a rabbit hutch last summer and that thing could hold a tank up. It's frame is all 4x4 posts and then 2x4 framing and 1/2" plywood sheeting for the walls and roof.

I am actually pretty excited to get going on this pen. I almost have my mind made up on the size of both sides of it.
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i had the same issue. I built way to big. How tall is 8 feet anyways, lol. Now i have a coop condo. Yea i was lucky one day and found perfect common board 1x6x8. I used it for the front wall. also found some fence panels only 1.55 retail @70% off. 35 cents. I still over built. Will probably takes years for ROI. But it was a fun project!

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