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McMurray Layer Assortments

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Well the plan was to order pullets from Tractor Supply, since I wanted some funkier breeds. Well today I was looking at the McMurray assortments and I saw two pullet options that interest me. One is the Murrays Choice Layers

and the other is the Ornamental Layers Collection

What I like is that I would have pullets that are cool shapes and colors. Has anyone ordered these in the past and what did you get?

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The Murray choice will be whatever ones they have the most hatch out but not specifically ordered. A great variety start to egg laying. All should lay 4-6 eggs a week. You will probably get a couple roosters as they generally add a few straight run to your order as packing peanuts.

The ornamental collection will again be whatever they have a lot of hatch out, but a nicer variety of looking birds. These birds usually are not as good as laying eggs.
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I have quite a few hens that lay about 5 eggs each a week. This would be more for something different that will look cool walking through the yard and maybe produce even more interesting barnyard mix chicks when we choose to incubate.Cost wise the Ornamental layer would cost about the same as ordering pullets from Tractor Supply but in the Mcmurray description it says guaranteed eight breed/varieties in a group of 25. I think I am going to do it, just need to pick the best days . Too bad Ideal doesnt have any pullet specials right now since they are only 6 hours from me and shipping time would be cheaper.

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Then the ornamental would be a good selection.
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That is what I am thinking. May also add a couple of Lakenvelder, since that is a gorgeous bird.

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That is what I love about my layer flock, all the variety.
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