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Aggressive rooster

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I have just fenced in area where roosters hens and chicks can roam..and the roosters return to their coop at night..and girls and babies to theirs. I go into my gate and thats where they are.
The 1 silkie rooster whom ive had since his may 2015 birth..and has been good natured. Attacks in aggressive manner when i and my husband enter area. The babies are his..2 of them born dec 12. And the hen he mated with and the other hen in there. They have been together since their may 2015 birth.
I have tried being firm...walking through them...using a stick.. having feed...but he even gets aggressive when he sees me coming toward their area. He attacked me and my husband this morning..then tried 2nd attack on husband. I am at a loss on what to try. If i get rid of him..the other may become aggressive. I just cant take chances with him. Any suggestions? I could just put the roosters by in their coop and run and close their run gate. And let the girls and babies roam . Would love as many suggestions as i can get
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This is the usual advice I give for unruly roosters. Hope this will help you. Definitely read the article linked at the bottom.
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There are many methods of dealing with a rooster, death should not be the first answer.

If you are afraid of your rooster, rehome him. If you're not, here's a few things to try out.
First, make sure you're wearing a jacket or long sleeve shirt and get a pair of work gloves and a dust pan. If he comes toward you, shoo him away the dust pan and if he doesn't back away then be ready because he sees you as one of his ladies and not the boss. Grab him and push him down and tap the back of his head behind his comb. Keep him down at least 30 seconds or more. Do NOT let him get up, 'peck' him each time he tries to lift his head. Once he leaves his head down for a few seconds then let him up. If he doesn't back away, grab and repeat. You may need to do this a few times over the course of a week or 2. He'll start to lower his head when he sees you to concede you're the top boss. This method worked wonders on our rooster and he's a big ole gentleman now haha. I keep the dust pan at the coop/run so it's there if needed. My children have all been taught to have their work gloves on and use the dustpan if necessary. They know how to hold him down and do the tap behind his comb but they haven't had to yet.

Some people try the holding trick, where you pick em up and hold him under your arm for 10-15 minutes each time but this did not work for ours since he's been handled a lot. He just thought of it as a free ride.

Also, do not let him mate the girls if you're in the run or standing near it. Shoo him off them. If you're bringing treats, let the girls eat first. That shows him you're providing goodies for "his" girls just like he would. There's a reason behind rooster behavior and if you learn to see the signs it will help you in the future. Even this is still not a guarantee because there are just really mean roos out there that def need to be killed.

Hope this helps you out smile.png

This thread is WONDERFUL at explaining roo behavior and tips, like I mentioned above.
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Thanks so much. Will give it a try.
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