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35 hatched
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Woohoo Good Job :clap


I got 17 in an incubator right now


Any tips on brooding?

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congrats!!  :thumbsup

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Oh..Good Luck!!
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Originally Posted by micah wotring View Post



Any tips on brooding?

brood at 100° for the first week then drop 5° per week there after, i use 1/2 x 1/2 wire bottoms in my brooders, quail can't walk on wire for the first 10 days so i cover the wire with DACB paper and top that with paper towels. the paper towels are removed around day 3.  i use a little hand broom to clean the DACB of droppings and keep it clean.   i use the small quail screw on lid drinkers in the brooder, no need to add marbles or such to prevent drowning with them like you do with the larger chicken type.   i use the red flip top plastic feeders, they'll climb in and out of the holes in them till they are too big to fit but they work great for a no waste feeder during brooding.

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Do you not have to turn the quail eggs? I have 30 California valley quail in the incubator that I obtained from strombergs. So far 16 have hatched over the course of 4 days. I just looked and two more were tiring to come out. I hat them in the turner at 99 degrees and 65 percent H. I'm actually surprised at the hatch rate. Not sure why I'm so fascinated with this particular quail breed.
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