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Chick Help Red eyes

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Help please. I noticed today 2 of my babies had red in and around their eyes. They also look puffy. This is our 2nd time to raise babies and I never had this problem with my grown girls. What do I do? I have already isolated the 2.One does not want her eye.
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Make sure that you don't have high ammonia levels in your brooder. Did you use your own hatching eggs from your flock? MG or mycoplasma is a respiratory disease that may cause swelling around the eyes. Is there any foam or watery eyes or sneezing?

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No problem with ammonia levels, I clean the brooder daily. We got them a month ago from the local feed store. No foam or sneezing and eyes appear to be dry. I did catch one itching with its foot around its eye. I picked up medicated chick feed, electrolytes, and VetRX drops this evening.
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Are they eating and drinking, having loose droppings with mucus or blood, or lying around puffed up? Coccidiosis can be very common with young chicks that age. Corid in the water is a good treatment, and found in the cattle medicines at most feed stores. Dosage is 2 tsp of liquid Corid, or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. Probiotics and vitamikns after completion of the meds is a good way to get the intestinal health back to normal.
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Some of their droppings have been loose. I will look at then again when I get home and pick up the meds you told me about. Thanks
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