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Hi i am also new to this i was wondering about the baby chicks i have a 5 week and a 3 week chicks and i was wondering if i can leave the 5 week chick outside now but i dont know if to put him outside by himself or just leave him in the house with the others?

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You didn't say where you are located. If you are talking about putting the 5 week old outside for a few hours on a warm day then that would be okay. But he's not old enough to be put out without a heat source for another week or two. Especially if he's alone. I would just keep him with the others and put them all out at the same time. Mine are usually 6 to 7 weeks old when I let them be without heat if the weather is warm. In cold weather I will let them have a warm spot until 2 months old or older. :) 

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I apologize i live in Richmond Virginia and it gets really cold at night in the winter and in summer it gets pretty hot but sometimes chilly  night i keep them all inside anyways but thats why i was wondering because u read that once they are 5-6 weeks old they can move outside but i do not have not one big chicken all baby chicks and i also wanted to know cause during the day i leave em all outside for some air and at around 5 i let them all back in but most of the time i see they are under the chicken coop in shade so what does that mean and how long should i leave them outside for?

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Another thing even if its super hot day and night is it a bad idea to leave them outside in probably about another month?

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I apologize i live in Richmond Virginia and winter its cold and summer its hot during the day at sometimes its cold at night but i was also wondering i keep them all outside during the day cause its beautiful outside and i bring them back in around 4-5 but i was wondering why is it that they be under my chicken coop in the shade?and how long can i leave them outside for? And ok then its not a good idea to leave them outside then and if its hot day and night even they are about im going to say about 7-8 weeks old can i leave them in the chicken coop outside or will that still be to soon to take the heat lamp away?

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