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Injured hen

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I have a black Orpington hen that I found laying in the chicken run. She wouldn't get up. I noticed she had a swollen foot. I brought her in and cleaned her foot. There's no signs of bumble foot or any wounds. I took her back out to the coop for the night but she was still unable to walk the next day. I decided to seperate her. I gave her low dose aspirin mixed in with her water for 3 days and no signs of improvement. I also noticed the foot was hot where it was swollen and her nose was running a little bit. I started her on oxytetracycline mixed with her water. Have been doing that for 3 days now and the runny nose and heat in the foot is gone and she still can't walk right but she does stand for a little bit. I found her other leg very swollen and yellow like it was bruised. I'm not sure what is going on. She will be 1 year old in July and I hatched her myself. She's never been exposed to other birds except for my established flock which are only 6 months older than her. I'm not sure if she has hurt herself jumping off the roost or if the rooster may have hurt her. If someone has any helpful information as to what may be wrong with her or how I can help her, please let me know.
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I would suspect thast she could possibly have mycoplasma synovitis, a respiratory infection similar to MG that affects the bones and joints. It is contagious, and can make carriers of the whole flock for life. Tylan, oxytetracycline, and chlotetracycline are amolng antibiotics that treat it.
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Do you know what causes this infection
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Thanks for your help
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