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Turkey eggs

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Hey everyone, I have incubated lots of chicken eggs but never turkey. Just recently I have a buddy who has some awesome purebred bourbon red turkeys and they are laying awesome so he offered to give me a dozen eggs to incubate. I've never ever tried it as I have mentioned and I don't know anyone who has. Here is my question to anyone who has taken on this challenge, at what temperature and humidity do you incubate and hatch at and what else should I know before I try this little project?
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do them just like chicken eggs, take them off the turner at day 25, they should hatch on day 28


i always add a few chicken eggs on day 7 so they'll hatch at the same time, turkey and peacocks tend to need to be taught to eat/drink and a few chicken chicks in the bunch work perfectly for me.

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Thank you, I really apprecite the expert advice. I've had turkeys the last coupe Summer's just co-op meat birds but I have this chance at some good quality stock if I can hatch them so I thought it might be an interesting little side project to take on into my breeding program.
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i don't know why but some people have a hard time hatching turkey and/or peafowl eggs, i really don't treat them any different then chicken eggs and i don't have any issues.   honestly i hardly ever touch my eggs except to put them in the incubator and then to take them out and place them in the hatcher.   i only candle on the day i move them to the hatcher but on very dark eggs and quail eggs i don't even bother.   i give the vents on both my cabinets a sniff every time I'm in the area (several times daily usually), you can smell a bad egg quiet easily if you do this long before it's an issue, if i smell one, i open the door and go over every egg and remove any bad ones (they are very easy to sniff out).

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