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I have a flock of 25 that are 11 weeks old as of a few days ago, and I keep them in the enclosed run and coop due to predators. Our coop is 8'X8' and the run is 8'X24'; both are well above my head so walk-in-able. Anyway I'm at about my limit for size of my flock per the formulas I've read, and I might even be a little too small, but the gals seem to be very happy so far. I don't clean every day due to my work and garden duties taking up a lot of my time, but I do clean thoroughly every weekend. I change out most of the bedding (pine shavings) and sweep the run with a stiff bristle broom and rake. It's generally hot here north of Phoenix, AZ but we also have very low humidity most of the year. So far I haven't had any disagreeable odors at all and everyone that's visited my coop/run have said the same thing, so I think my cleaning schedule is working ok. I don't trust my own sense of "bad" odors because I think skunk pee smells good - reminds me of the woods and outdoor activities, so I make sure to ask my Mom and wife to verify nothing smells bad. So far so good. So I think you'll be fine. I'm planning a coop for broilers that will only be about 40' from our back door and none of us think that'll be too close at all. So I think you'll be good-to-go. Don't sweat it, I wouldn't.  

Thanks for the reply good to hear. You are warmer there for sure. I am in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast a 50 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. I only have 7 chickens but can feel an addiction and the wanting of a second coop already lol. I'll be moving them to their new coop April 2nd so this summer will tell all. Read so much on so many negatives on having chickens the fly's the smell the work n on n on. Nice to get some good feedback. 😃 My worried level has gone way down to great replys I've read so thanks 👍🏻