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Let's see your pics of chicks, hens and cockerels

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Post your pics of you flock and tell us about them!

I have a flock of Rhode Island Reds:

His name is Sessel and he's my 11 month old cockerel. ^

This is Mandy my 2 year old hen ^

Another one of Mandy ^

This is Molly my 2 year old hen ^

And this is Milly ^

This is Stripy, my 1.5 week old chick. ^

This is Spotty, my 1.5 week old chick. ^

And this is Stripy and Spotty together ^

And those are my Rhodies!
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Here is my flock, well some of them at least.... they are always out roaming around in the pasture so It's hard to get pics sometimes!

This easter egger on the left, Reese's, is mother to some of my babies, the black and white one is Big Bird, he is a mess, the small bantam in the back is Girlfriend, then Black Betty and Lavender.



Goose & Big Red, they fathered my baby chicks



This is Blondie, she hatched out 12 EE chicks last weekend!


I was so pleased with their coloring, they are cuties!


This is Baby Tillie, she is visually impaired.... at first I thought she was blind.  I hand fed her for a week and just this past week she has started to eat on her own!


Which is a good thing because she is so messy lol


Here she is at work with me catching some rays.

I had to put her to work!


Here she is yesterday in her new "I'm a big girl and eating by myself now and I can't go to work with mom anymore" box



Close up of Lavender.  She is just so pretty!

Ethel, Big Bird, Black Betty, Reese's, Girlfriend & Checkers


This is Big Bird and Black Betty back before they blossomed into maturity, Big Bird is so lanky, but Black Betty has turned into a beautiful bird!

This is Checkers.  She is a terrible broody bless her heart, but that doesn't stop her from trying! A LOT!

This is Boyfriend (yes we have a Boyfriend and Girlfriend lol, one day my BF called them that and it stuck)  He is our oldest rooster, and currently the other boys are locked up in their bachelor pad (aside from Big Bird) so he has the ladies all to himself.  He is such a sweet roo, such a gentleman.  Love this little guy! Betty Marie and another EE Snickers is in the background, you can see how she feels about having her picture taken, all I ever get is her rear.


Here he is again with his ladies.  Ethel (RIR) & Snickers in the background.  Also Big Bird.  He is not breeding anyone but Black Betty right now (they were raised together) so for now he gets to keep his place in the free ranging flock, but he might have to go to the bachelor pad soon.




In the front is Spunkers, we just lost her a few weeks ago to a hawk we assume.  She was one of my favorites.  Behind her are Girlfriend & Boyfriend.


R.I.P. Spunkers, you will be missed!



This is Betty Marie again, I named her after my late great grandmother.  I love her coloring.  She is also the mom of some of my newly hatched chicks!


This is PJ's.  She is my special baby!  She got stepped on by a cow and it broke her leg and she has been treated with the utmost of TLC ever since.  She is a sweetheart and often wanders into the kitchen if the door is open.  She stays in a special pen that is handicap accessible.  One day Baby Tillie will be her roommate.



This is Peepers.  He is the tiniest baby I have, he currently rooms with Baby Tillie to keep her company so she isn't in a box all by herself.  He is pretty laid back, and is smaller than her so they make a perfect pair.


This is our newest batch of chicks!  I believe the girls are all golden comets, then we have some wyandottes and a few bantams

Not many of these have names yet, as it would be impossible to tell the golden comets apart, but there is one who sticks out enough to have earned a name.  First day i brought them home I knew what her name was going to be....

Meet Lady GaGa!  That eyeliner! :gig



This is Rudy, my favorite Silkie Roo

Rudy, Tudy, Fred & Fruity (Fruity has the wry neck bobble head) Snowball is another Silkie Roo, you can see his fluffy white butt to the left.  Love him to death but he is one ugly chicken lol.


Beans my Langshan roo, total sweetheart, Frosty, & Hope, two more EE pullets.


I had a scare with Hope when she was a chick, I came out and found her lifeless on the ground. She was unable to even hold her head up.  I had to tube feed her for a few days but she bounced back in about a week.  I still have no idea what was wrong with her.  Her growth is a bit stunted but other than that she is healthy as a horse.


These three live with the silkies in their enclosure.  


Rudy & Fred, they just visited Blondie and her babies, but she told them to go away.  I let them free range more now since Goose & Big Red are in the bachelor pad.  They were too mean to my poor silkies!


Rudy & Fruity.  


Well i guess that is about everyone.  I'm sure there are a couple I missed.  Sorry for the picture overload lol.  I love taking pics of my chickens but they are terrible models lol.  I also need a real camera but that will probably never happen!


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"Raising kids is like being pecked to death by chickens."
"Raising kids is like being pecked to death by chickens."
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You flock are very nice!

Baby Tillie is very cute!

And I like Rudy and Fruity.

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I like Tudy and Fred too.

( I forgot to post them in the last post )
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Any more pics.
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these are my 1week old chickies, I think there are 2 roosters in the mix. First time owning chickens but find them very pleasant to have.
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Really cute!

Here's the rest of my flock:

Timothy the Light Sussex

' Mrs Hen ' She hatched out some chicks.

Another one of Mrs Hen



Feathertail and Snowtuft







And Smokey

That's my flock
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