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The herbal recipe is worth a try for sure.
Pardon my attempt at anatomy descriptions, I'm still learning. This is my theory. I understand the chunks are mixed with poo, but if she has some type of glitch in her egg laying, the timing may be off enough to where it is showing up in the poo since the Large Intestine and Oviduct both empty or connect to the Cloaca then all is passed at one time out the Vent. 

Don't worry, your anatomy description sounds a lot better than mine and I've got the chicken health book here *facepalm*. I guess if that's what this is then she's been glitching from the start cause she has not laid yet. Just seems odd to me for it to be lash egg since they're such tiny pieces in comparison to an egg....some of these are smaller than the end of a q-tip ya know? She's not even a year old yet and this started around the beginning/middle of November. I wish I hadn't deleted the pics off my phone and kindle that I took of them then......ill try tomorrow to see if maybe I did the smart thing and put them on my laptop first but with me who knows lol. I can kinda tell she's not feeling at the top of her game right now though......(though to be honest if I had to drink that tea I wouldn't be too happy either lol I took a sip before I gave it to her to try to anticipate what she might do......then had to clean the counter up cause I spit it right back out lol yuck! Luckily she reacted much better but still gave me some dirty looks xD I now have to wet her food with it cause she refuses to drink it straight. Put it in her food though and hallelujah! it's divine! Strange strange little bird...)