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Sick Buff Orpington hen

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I have a one year old hen, a few days ago I noticed she was off by herself, in the middle of the day on the outside perch.  I approached and started talking to her, she had her head tucked and seemed asleep, deep sleep.  I touched her and scared the crap out of her, I guess she woke up.  She only opened one eye.  The rest of the flock was out, and eventually she went out and forged with them.  The next day it was the same thing, lethargic, one eye closed and kept opening her beak like she was yawning and couldn't quite get it out.  Someone suggested she was eggbound, I have isolated her, given her a soaking in warm water for 15 minutes, felt her abdomen for an egg.  I dont think she is eggbound, since this has persisted for three days.  any ideas?  I have her isolated in her own cage away from the flock, no other hens are exhibiting these symptoms.

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How does her crop feel? Is it puffy and balloon-like or hard, or empty?  Is she eating and drinking. What do her poops look like?Has she been wormed? Look her over especially under the vent, wings, and neck for signs of lice or mites.

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Crop is empty, she drinks and eats, but doesn't seem like a lot. She's never been wormed, I looked for lice and mites, looks clean. None of the other hens seems to be affected.
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You can get her stools checked for worms, coccidiosis, and bacteria by a vet to look for what is possibly making her sick. Valbazen isn't a good wormer, as well as Safeguard liquid goat wormer. She may have some internal organ disease or a gizzard blockage, or something else that is making her feel bad. Internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis are also common ailments. Many times it is hard to know what is wrong without trying different things, but sometimes it can only be found after death through a necropsy or chicken autopsy.
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