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Sick rooster - Sour Crop? Worms? Help!

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About a week and a half ago I noticed our rooster Coffee Bean wasn't eating

as much and was feeling a little under the weather. I though it was just him struggling with the cold weather so I started monitoring him thinking that he would be fine once it started to warm up around here.


His condition only got worse over a week to now where he's not eating besides a couple bites of snacks and only a couple swallows of water on a good day. He also has lost A LOT of weight, is having trouble standing and has yellow foamy stools.

I've treated him with Save a Chick because I suspected Thread worms but It only helped with some of the symptoms.


Now after A LOT more research I suspect that he has sour crop. He does have a squishy crop and it's only been emptying a little each day over the last couple days. I want to start treatment but I don't know a whole lot about it yet so some help would be greatly appreciated as he is a dear family pet. The only thing is I want to only "vomit" him as a last resort because of the high chances of him choking.


I would love to hear any suggestions and helpful tips as I will be off and on during his treatment. 

Thanks all!


Coffee Bean Symptoms list: (Though it might help.)

weight loss

loss of apatite

squishy craw

watery, yellow droppings with green

weakness (Especially in the legs)


bad smell

very slight signs of respiratory problems

slightly purple tipped comb

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I have found the dosage information for safeguard for the drinking water but I'm not sure if I should just put it in his pen and hope he drinks it. Should I try to give him it by syringe and how much? I would like to give it to him today so a quick response would be appreciated!

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Well I manage to get him to drink out of a small dish when I hold it up to him so a couple times a day for the last 2 days I gave him the wormer from the dish. He's now off of it and I'll start him on it again in 10 days. It helped a lot with some things and not with others. He's still very weak although his balance is a little better. His weight has stayed pretty much the same although he has stopped eating. I was able to give him a couple pieces of tomato today but that's about it. His comb has been purple on the tips even though he's stayed pretty warm. I'm not sure what is causing that. If anyone has any ideas I'm kind of desperate.

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Sorry to hear, I'm not very experienced so I have no advice but I hope your Rooster gets better. Maybe he will eat some scrambled eggs for extra nutrition/protein. Good luck.
5 hens + 1 Roo: Black Betty (BA), Pokey (BA), Bradley Cooper (GLW), Buffy (BO), Ruby, and Big Red (RIRs).
5 hens + 1 Roo: Black Betty (BA), Pokey (BA), Bradley Cooper (GLW), Buffy (BO), Ruby, and Big Red (RIRs).
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I'll see about trying that. I'm going to also try oatmeal because he loves it. Thanks :)

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any help would be great!

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Last night I gave him a Epsom salt mixture hoping to clear his system up. After much persuasion I got him to drink it all and I put him to bed. This morning his craw was only a little emptier which was discouraging. I tried massaging his crop but I'm not very familiar with that treatment. I'm hoping that it will be emptier tonight. Please if anyone knows about this stuff I could really use your help. I'm worried that he won't last until I figure out a treatment that works. :(

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Has someone out there treated sour crop before?

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There's a ton of info on treating sour crop if you search for "sour crop" on here. Usually you will need an antifungal of some kind for the yeast infection causing sour crop. I just tried treating sour crop in my hen even though i'm not sure she has it. I gave a portion of an oral flucanozole tablet using a dosage I found online from the merck manual for vets. I already had this medication on hand, luckily. it's RX only. other people on here have used monistat treatments for vaginal yeast infections. search the threads for more info and you will find it!  good luck with your rooster, the poor guy.

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I forgot to mention that two of my hens have darker purplish tips/areas on their combs and I believe it is from frostnip over the harsh winters. Could be that.

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