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My hen has lost her weight

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One of my hens has suddenly lost a bunch of weight. Last night she was conpletely bloated and today it is like she popped. She is obviously dying. There is what feels like a golf ball size "something" on or in her throat. She has no meat on her. You can feel the bone where her breast should be. Is it possibpe she has something caught in her throat? Seeing how she has no breast meat left, am I too late?
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Can you get her seen by a vet? It sounds like she may have developed a crop impaction or sour crop. Since she has lost a lot of weight, it may have been going on for awhile, and they don't or can't eat, and food doesn't get absorbed. Can you look inside her throat with a flashlight for a foreign object or yellow growth that shouldn't be there? Does her crop feel like a water balloon? Or is it hard? Here are good threads about crop problems for you to read:

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Thank you for your response . We took her to the vet to get put down. He confirmed what I had thought. She had a blockage. Not sure why or for how long. It was obvious that she was starving. You could "pinch" her breast bone ( not sure what it is called ). I feel horrible for not catching it sooner. It is tough to see this time of year.
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I'm sorry for your loss. It's good that she is not suffering.

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