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Rooster hurts/kills hens?!

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What is going on?! The other day I want to check on my chickens and found my little black Silkie hen dead with a torn up vent area. I assumed that something must have gotten in the pen and killed her. Then I got to thinking... What predator would do that? And how could one even get IN my pen? The chicken pen is in the goat pen, which is guarded by my livestock guardian dog. It would be hard enough for something to get in the goat pen, and even harder to get in the chicken pen. The next day, after I found my dead Silkie hen, I noticed my favorite hen, a sweet splash Marans was acting lethargic. I picked her up to find a bloody, shredded vent area... It's an absolute mess.... I have her inside and have washed her off, been spraying her with Vetericyn, and have been giving her electrolyte water. I'm hoping she pulls through.  The only roosters I have are a little Silkie and a Cuckoo Marans. Do you think that my Cuckoo Marans rooster is doing this? He's less than a year old. Or is there any way it's my Golden Comet hens? They do like to bite. I have the rooster in a separate pen now. I had no idea that this could happen...

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I think my hen *might* make it. Prayers appreciated! Thanks! Her name is Mia.
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I know nothing about chickens. I'm a newbie and just started, but your post has me pondering. Have you seen the rooster attacking your hens? Any one else around your property?
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Hens can be capable of cannibalism and vent pecking as well as roosters. What are you feeding? How much room do they have? Are they getting outside to free range? Feeding extra protein in treats, plenty of room, getting outside, and separating any bullies can help. Watch them for a bit. Use BluKote, Nustock cream, or antipick lotion to cover pecked areas.

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