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My chickens were attacked by a fox this morning. One died and the other is very lethargic, breathing but raspy. The raspiness has subsided. She has some serious bruising on here but I initially thought she would be dead in a matter of minutes.

I have wrapped her in a blanket, and kept her warm. Should I try water, pedialyte. She awakens when I touch her. So I'm thinking she is shocking a injured. No poultry vets in this area.

What should I do to help her? She's very lethargic. I'm thinking she won't survive. If she can be helped. I realize she may pass soon but she's lived longer than I thought so I want to treat her now.hit.gif
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Give her vitamins and electrolytes. Dehydration is you biggest concern. If she has internal injuries there's not much you can do but she may be just bruised and in shock. Keep her warm and hydrated. Offer foods like scrambled egg and yogurt. Keep it dark and quiet where she is. You would be surprised at what a chicken can pull through
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Thanks. I have been giving her an eye dropper of the electrolyte solution every hour. She's perked up some but you're right she's is definitely shocky. I'm a human nurse so I wanted to treat her like a human in shock, warmth and fluids. I saw the attack happen and this has been the most devasting thing I have witnessed from a predator on our chickens. I'm still waiting on one chicken to come back if she's alive. I'll give her til dusk. My non chicken friends don't understand why I am so upset.
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I am so sorry to hear of this! :hit


Make sure that she eats and is hydrated.  


I am picking up my hen from the vet this afternoon (our new puppy got ahold of her, see my thread in this sub forum as well) and after going over some of the care stuff she is recommending from what we went through, I would be happy to share that information with you as well.


I am so sorry to hear that you do not have a poultry vet in the area.  We are fortunate enough to have a vet that has a love for birds, amongst caring for our other critters.  Have you checked with any vets to see if they treat regular avian birds (I am sure that it is similar but some vets might be a little freaked out by chickens, not sure why)?

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Our survivor this morning. She's a bit better. Bruised, battered and weak.

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Below is a link from The Chicken Chick on how to care for an injured chicken.


I am glad that she is doing better!  She is a pretty bird, that's for sure!  

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Have you been able to examin her better for injuries? I don't see any huge pieces of skin missing which is good. One of my little ladies had half the skin ripped from her back last week by an evil little yorkie that I'm babysitting. She was in shock when I found her and two days later I had to remove 70 maggots from a gaping wound on her wing. She pulled through and is doing great. Your girl should be just fine. Chickens have survived worse.
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On her back just slot of feathers ripped out forcibly. Her chest however is badly bruised and abrasions but nothing that looks open. She acts very sore. She's still weak but taking fluids on her own. She's not so interested in food right now
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Seems to me like she will be fine. We recently had two injured chickens because my dog got out. We didn't think one would live. Make sure that she is eating and drinking. If not, force feed her. She needs it. Keep a close eye on her. Also try to get a large kennel or pen to put her in. She will be more comfortable. When she starts to get better let her out everyday with the others (supervised). Hope she's better soon and sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. My dog killed two others. 😭😭😫. Keep us updated and good luck!!!!!!!!! Btw she's beautiful!

And, girl, go get that mean ole fox!!! He will come back. If you don't hunt or have a gun get someone else to. He's gotta go. Otherwise you'll lose more chickens. You can also set traps and then got shoot em. Go get em!!!
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She's still not real interested in food. She's still wobbly and weak but doesn't seem to be any worse.
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