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Rooster with Balance Issue

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I have a 4 year old mixed silkie rooster. We have noticed that he is sleeping in one of the nesting boxes instead of roosting as he normally does. When he goes to get up he stumbles and falls over as if he has lost his balance. We have checked him over and he doesn't seem to have any physical issues. When we pushe him down to a sitting position he does not fight us and can get up with no problem. He is able to flog me numerous times, and I mean numerous, throughout the day with no problem. However when he goes to flog he does sometimes land on his head, back, flips over, every once in a while he lands on his feet. He has no problem walking or running. Any suggestions regarding his balance issue?
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Is he getting enough water and food, or could the others be keeping him from those? His inactivity and sleepiness may be preventing him from drinking enough, and dehydration can cause balance issues. Another possibility is an ear infection that is making him lose balance. Have you added any new birds recently that might have been a carrier of Mareks disease? Does he have any nasal drainage or watery eyes that could indicate a respiratory infection? I would place him in a crate with his own food and water for a few days, and add some vitamins and electrolyte powder to his water. Feed stores sell several brands for chickens. Check his crop to make sure that it is emptying overnight and not sour or impacted. Look his skin over around the vent, neck and under wings for lice or mites. 

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No new babies. He is the only rooster with 4 girls. All girls are healthy and well taken care of. Will try the food and water.and will check his vent. They are all bug free. No watery eyes or nasal drainage. . Thanks for the info!
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I would get the electrolytes, such as SaveAChick or another brand of vitamins with electrolytes. They really may help. Hopefully, it was just an injury.
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