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Costco Coop

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Hi All

I did pick up the Costco coop yesterday. Since we are newbies I figured it would be a good starter coop.

What do I need to put in the bottom of the coop to secure against predators? I have read wire? Not sure how

to do that exactly. We live in country on 5 acres.  Any input would be much helpful

Thank you

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You're going to want to pick up some wood sealer and treat the whole thing inside and out. Then you will want to replace the latches and hinges with sturdy ones that predators can't jimmy open. You'll want to add latches to any access point that doesn't have them. You'll probably want to but some additional trim wood to lay over the edges of the existing hardware cloth to help insure that it can't be ripped off easily. Bolt it to a wooden frame and install a hardware cloth apron to prevent diggers from getting in. Longer screws and additional framing will make it more sturdy.

Good luck. Most of those prefab don't last more than a couple seasons. Less if you live where it's snowy or rainy.
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I bought 2 Costco coops, they began to deteriorate under normal use in 2 weeks, so I plan to replace them and return the coops to Costco, they had a great design but the flimsiest construction EVER, someone told me the Costco coops are supposed to be isolation or hospital coops anyway.
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