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Slipped tendons in both hocks

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I posted here a week or so ago, about an impacted crop, turns out she has bigger issues. Both her feet are i believe dislocated now. Im trying asprin to bring down swelling and for pain, but is there any chance of setting them? They've been out for a few days. Or should I finally give up and do the humane thing? She's about 2 weeks old and eating and drinking great when hand fed. She can not walk (although she tries on her hocks) on her own.
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Have you tried treating her with chick vitamins? That should be done with any chick leg or foot problems in case of a vitamin deficiency. There may not be a lot that can help if it is a congenital bone deformity, but if you could post a picture or two from the front of how the chick sits or stands, it might help. A chick chair made out of a cup might help her to stand.
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I decided to cull her. She was in so much pain and no amount of vitamins or asprin was going to help. Her legs were literally pointing out sideways at the hock. Probablly the hardest thing I've ever had to do with an animal and only had her a little over a week.
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I know that was a tough decision, but you did the right thing, especially since she was in pain. Leg bone deformities such as varus valgus deformity and tibial dyschondroplasia (TD) are very common in both meat and layer chicks. Those can be due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies in the parents. Incubation problems may also be a cause. Sorry for your loss.
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