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My polish chicken problem.

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This just happened and im really upset.

So today i took my little polish hen, who just started laying eggs, to another new place just for the day, and somehow some way she got out of the pen. when she got out, she started to get really spooked and scared, and she ran off for about 2 hours. when we finally saw her again, it took a long time to catch her and get her back to her original pen. So, shes acting fine, or thats what i observed, until i go in the pen and she flies and gets all spooked. she wont let me come near her and she was really tame and gentle before! i even tried to calm her by feeding her her favorite snack out of my hand and in the feeder. Help someone i dont know what to do!
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Give her chance to settle before you go in and try to get near her. Her escapades will have really upset her and she needs to calm down. She more than likely thinks she is going to be caught again which from what you have described took some time and will have been stressful for her. Polish are a naturally skittish breed due to the crest so I'm thinking she will be super aware of things right now.

My polish don't like change and if things spook them, they remember.

My best advice is to keep her settled and give her sometime. The gentle gentle approach will be needed to re tame her.

Good luck, I hope she is back to her old self soon fl.gif
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Thanks! Actually shes cĂ lmed down now!!! So happy!
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