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New baby chicks?

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Would I be able to put 1-2 day old chicks with chicks that are just turning 2 weeks? Or would my two older ones possibly kill the newer ones?
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The older chicks may peck the newcomers, but I doubt they'd seriously hurt them. Usually, you can combine different aged chicks during the first three or four weeks without any real issues.

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Ok, perfect! I'll keep a close eye on them just in case. Thank you! @azygous
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I added some day olds to a group of 3 week olds. They were stepped on a bit at first but each baby picked an older one to tag along with and now are doing great. At the end of a day outside when its warm one or two dont like the ramp to the coop and the older ones come out and teach them how to come to bed
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I recently added four baby Ameraucanas to my 3 week old Cuckoo Marans and they are getting along just fine.  Altho my Marans are lots bigger they are not bullies.

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